Underwater Bronze Taste The Cheap IWC Replica Watches

Cheap IWC Replica has six major series, every year will be the main push a series, and then launched a new watch for the series, the main push this year is the marine series, one may ask Portugal is not also related to the ocean? Why there is a series of oceans, I now explain that Portugal is above sea level with the table, while the marine series is suitable for wearing below the sea level, more accurately say the marine time series is a very professional underwater timing instrument. This year’s Marine Time Series launched a total of 9 watches, but the most exciting is that this bronze IWC Replica Watches.

This watch world named it “Special Edition of the Adventure of Darwin”, about the origin of this name, we also from the 1830 trip to that expedition trip that year, the United Kingdom Berg Seoul Institute of the number of moored boats at a distance of 1000 kilometers from the mainland of the Galapagos Islands in South America, the young Darwin set foot on this magical island for the first time on the island, he saw a group of extremely special birds And found that different species of bird beak their size is completely different, which means that a species can be based on the needs of survival evolved many variants. It was not until Darwin’s discovery that it was his observational studies that led to a later great discovery that fundamentally shattered the foundations of the IWC Replica natural sciences of that time. The world was not immutable but was constantly evolving. It is also this discovery that eventually became an important foundation for Darwin’s theory of species variation, origin and evolution.

In order to commemorate this expedition Veda trip, IWC Replica Watches not only this table named in this expedition, but also the use of bronze material rarely seen in the field of watchmaking, of course, personally, with bronze obviously Its special nomenclature made me excited. This is the first time that all nations made the case of bronze. The inspiration was mainly from the well-known scientific test boat of Beagle, since stainless steel has not appeared in Darwin’s era , Bronze, one of the most traditional metals, was used by humans more than 5,000 years ago. Bronze, by virtue of its excellent corrosion resistance, became the material of choice for shipbuilding at the time, and bronze was used in addition to the hull Portholes, bells, marine equipment and other accessories related to the vessel.

There is also aluminum bronze, its greatest feature is the high strength, has a strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and its extremely stable chemical properties, it has been the first choice for high-load gear and marine propellers. And now all over the country will this super copper and aluminum used in this Cheap Replica Watches above, which really can not be exciting, of course, in addition to the material itself, this material also has a characteristic that is its color and rose gold Very close to the color, very good to meet everyone in the heart of that local heroine plot.

There are two main advantages to this new rotating bezel both inside and outside. First, the scales on most dive tables are placed on the outermost bezel. The bezel is placed inside to avoid the water and the environment. erosion. Second, before those scale circle on the inside of the diving Replica Watches all use the crown adjustment, there is no direct adjustment with the outer ring.

This Replica Watches UK is equipped with a self-made movement of the Model 89365 designed independently by the whole nation. The unique double pawl winding system can resist the collision and turbulence and is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. The central chrono hand shows the chrono-second count, while the small dial at “12 o’clock” shows the minutes measured in seconds. The watch also has the function of returning to the fly. After pressing the zero button, the timer will return to zero and the new timer will start immediately. Small seconds at 6 o’clock continue to run, indicating that the watch is working properly, with a double circle of time and double insurance, will never let you forget the dive time.