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IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Calendar Digital Date Month Edition “50 Years Aquatimer” Watch in the New “Gerbera” Material

In 1967, the first IWC Aquatimer appeared on the diver’s wrist. This is IWC’s response to the growing demand for diving watches. Today, 50 years later, it has become one of IWC’s most popular collections. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Aquatimer, IWC released a limited edition called “Deep Breath Now” – IWC Aquatimer Permanent Calendar Digital Date Month “50 Years Aquatimer”. To make it stand out, it uses a brand new alloy, geranium.

Material innovation has always been a popular way for watch brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. According to Cheap IWC Replica Watches, Ceratanium (ceramic + titanium = Ceratanium) is an alloy that took five years to be confirmed. The end result is a combination of titanium light, corrosion and ceramic hardness and scratch resistance, but also very light. The innovation and use of geraniums is appropriate on the other hand, as they seem to draw on the history of the first generation of Swiss-made titanium watches, Ocean 2000, produced jointly by IWC and Porsche Design in 1982. The honor of the first titanium watch actually belongs to Seiko’s 600 million-meter professional diving athlete, but this is another story.

Although geranium sounds really cool, we will keep our judgment until we can handle the real watch. Combining materials to create new materials is not so new. Hublot has been working on this for many years, combining gold and ceramics to create magical gold, carbon and aluminum, making Texalium, magnesium and aluminum to make Hublonium. In addition, the ceramic itself is not that heavy, so I am not sure how much it can benefit from the mixing of titanium, nor how it affects the appearance and texture of the material.

IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month The 50-year Aquatimer watch has a shell width of 49 mm and a matte black finish. IWC Replica Watches says it is very similar to ceramics. This watch is not only wide but also up to 19 mm thick. For these measurements, a lightweight material may be necessary. To match the case, the watch will be fitted with a black rubber strap. The water resistance is 100 meters, which is enough for swimming and scuba diving, and the absolute minimum requirement is the so-called diving watch. I think that as a member of the Aquatimer series, watches should have a water resistance of at least 2 meters, but expensive watches, such complex complications, should usually be handled with care.

IWC Aquatimer Permanent Calendar Digital Date – Month Edition “50 Years Aquatimer” is a permanent calendar with distortions, as dates and months are displayed numerically. The instructions for the following year are also shown by numbers, which is unusual. This is also a back-shooting timer that can be accumulated for 12 hours at 12 o’clock. At 6 o’clock, you have an auxiliary second dial.

Since this is a water cube, it also features the IWC Replica SafeDive system, which is a clever interpretation of the diving frame. The owners rotate the borders like they are on a regular dive watch, but due to some clever gears, this causes the inner frame to rotate.

The watch is charged with a diameter of 89802, which can be automatically wound, beating at 4Hz, and has a 44-hour power reserve. Fake IWC Watches has been using this action on other watches for many years. For example, IWC Ingenieur’s perpetual calendar date and month, you will notice that due to the layout of this action, its dial design is very similar. This movement can be seen through a sapphire display housing, and some components, such as the rotor and some bridges, have been blacked to match the black outer casing.

Taking into account all the factors, the IWC Aquatimer permanent calendar digital date-month version of the “50-year Aquatimer” is a suitable work for the Aquatimer’s 50th anniversary celebration. Considering the history of Best IWC Replica Watches in titanium and ceramics, the use of geranium is appropriate, and this watch is still cool after all. That is to say, it is not necessary to have a permanent calendar complication in the diving table, because unless you are Namor, how many people will stay in the water for so long, you need to know which day is it? IWC Aquatimer is permanent The calendar number date version of the “50-year Aquatimer” is limited to 50 pieces and is priced at $46,800.

IWC Pays Tribute To PALLWEBER Version Of “150 Years Of Watch”

The first digital watch featuring the IWC Replica Watches was actually manufactured at the end of the 19th century. In 1884, Johann Rauschenbach and Salzburg watchmaker Joseph Pallweber reached an agreement granting IWC ownership of the Pavel system. The Pallweber system is considered to be the first digital pocket watch movement. According to the IWC archives, the brand’s first digital pocket watch was the 1886 Savonnette pocket watch Pallweber. IWC’s tribute to Pallweber’s “150 Years” is a faithful reproduction of the same watch.

Of course, this is a watch, it has a round 45mm wide 18k red gold case. One notable feature of this case is its metallic ear, which you cannot see on modern watches. It also gives the watch a very retro look and feel. Also of note is the 18k red onion crown. With a waterproof rating of 30 meters, the watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap made by IWC Replica longtime partner Santoni.

The expansive white paint dial is minimalist. At 12 o’clock, you have an aperture that shows time, clearly marked with the design of the pocket watch. At the bottom of the dial, near the center of the dial is another aperture, used to display the digital display of time, again clearly marked. Finally, at 6 o’clock, you have a sub-dial that shows the number of seconds to run, which helps the symmetry of the design while providing some movement on the otherwise stiff face. There is nothing superfluous on the dial. I think the choice of fonts and the two black rings combine various displays to create a very artistic decorative style.

The digital display instantly jumps and is quite smart. For the minute display, we can clearly see that there are two disks – one for the 10-minute disk and the other for the 1-minute disk. The single minute disk advances exactly one minute, the release mechanism stores energy and advances the disk for 10 minutes accordingly. At the top, the hourglass beats exactly once every 60 minutes. This instantaneous skipping mechanism allows clear and accurate digital reading times. Making everyone jump smoothly at the same time is obviously quite challenging in tabulation, and it’s cool to see all the numbers at the top of each hour change.

IWC’s tribute to Pallweber’s “150 Years” is powered by IWC’s internal calibre 94200. This is a hand-wound movement that beats at 4Hz and provides 60 hours of energy reserve. Strangely enough, Cheap IWC Replica Watches did not send us pictures of this movement, but we were told that it would be seen through a sapphire display box and that there would be an 18k gold inlay to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the IWC. People can also expect it to be decorated as IWC consistently high standards.

In this year’s special commemorative watch released by IWC to celebrate its 150th anniversary, my favorite is Pallweber’s version of “150 Years,” because it is a simple display of the time style and classic appearance. This is also a tribute to the 1886 Savonnette pocket watch. I believe fans of Fake IWC Watches will appreciate this pocket watch. IWC’s homage to the Pallweber version of “150 Years” (Reference IW505002) is limited to 250 pieces at a price of $36,600.