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The IWC Portugieser automatic operating system with date display function debuted in 2004 and has always been equipped with one of the largest and most powerful automatic operating systems. The 52010 calibre we know today shows how fast the movement has developed since the Portuguese used the pocket watch movement in the case in the 1930s. In this review, we will look at this massive 52010 caliber and encapsulate its delicate casing.

In retrospect, in 2015, Cheap IWC Replica Watches renamed the then Portuguese production line to Portugieser and updated the output model, IWC Portugieser ref. IW5007. The true origins of this watch can be traced back to the late 1930s, when two professionals Rodrigues and Teixeira found IWC and hoped to find a stainless steel watch of considerable size. Its movement can be compared with the nautical astronomical clock. IWC Portugieser is a prosperous route, because the Portuguese itself has a history of more than 75 years, and the worship and loyalty to the automatic version is likely to be the corresponding product of Triumph’s respected timekeeper.

IWC Replica made some updates on the 31 jewellery and decorative movements of the IWC Portugieser Automatic IW5007. Due to the use of ceramic components, it is a fairly wear-free system. There are many exciting changes to the past 5001 iterations, most of these changes really happen in a more open architecture, the field is a big rotor, how to look at the wind, the layout of the bridge – now you can see and feel Pellaton automatically The winding system is smooth.

There is a lot of space to display the barrel bridge and, of course, all the glory of the two main spring buckets. The two barrels benefit from the release of torque, which makes a big difference considering the more modern 4 Hz frequency from the 3 Hz IW5007 in 5001 – in turn, the 52010 caliber now has to store more energy and also provide a 7-day power reserve along with The frequency increases.

The bidirectional winding improves the 5001 with two black ceramic claws. Think of them as two ceramic black wings, because one will start to release and the other will basically pull, and the operation does not require lubrication. This eliminates concerns about wear or any unforeseen deficiencies, because, like cracking easily on impact ceramics, anything is unlikely to hit the parts that are safely hidden under the huge sapphire shell.

Another feature of the 52010 movement is the sturdy free-spring escapement of the IWC Replica Watches, so the speed should be kept more consistent and the Breguet springs are further improved. The Breguet spring adjusts the balance of the swing by elasticity. In 1675, the Dutch mathematician Huygens invented the word for the first time. In 1795, Abraham-Louis Breguet solved many isochronous problems with the springs invented by Huygens. He improved the last lap of the spring to reduce its curvature and established the development of concentric circles of the balance spring. It is the balance of the staff to increase the accuracy while consuming less. Needless to say, this is not unique to Breguet and the International Whaling Commission (IWC), but it is still a neat little detail that our watch enthusiasts can appreciate.

Although the design of the watch is subjective, I can safely say that when you stare at the IWC Porto Auto IW500705 dial, there are always things that will satisfy your eyes. This may be due to polished, blue, hand-applied Arabic numerals and index marks, gently floating on a beautiful silver-white dial, or perhaps a slender and timeless Fairwell hand offering excellent legibility – Although not on the black dial. The matching silver small dials stare at you with their concentric texture pattern, with a small second on the left and a power standby indicator on the right. The latter offers a lovely red touch that brings a little warmth to the cool white-blue picture.

I have been wearing IWC Portugieser Auto IW500705 for 5 days in the wind, and I put it face up in my case for the night. Already accurate to + 3 seconds per day, although Fake IWC Watches told me that the 52010 caliber of Schaffhausen is 7 / + 7 seconds a day – COSC Astronomical Clock certification fell out, which may be difficult to achieve such a long power reserve, but it is good to see Future realization. There is plenty of dial-up space on the IWC Portugieser Automatic IW5007, which is a welcome call, at least for the wearer. I really like to see the railroad track collar because I humbly think it looks best, especially in this model.

Despite its generous 42.3 mm case and large dial-up space, the IWC Portugieser Auto IW5007 maintains its elegant appearance in Dresden. It is worth noting that the IW5007 has also become thicker since the last update, from the initial 13.9 mm thick to 14.5 mm thick. Best IWC Replica Watches has closed the space between the ear and the strap while slightly reducing the length of the ears while making them stronger. I think it’s really difficult to update such an established design. This is another thing that I personally surprised IW5007: In my experience, it can be worn at any time, from formal to casual.

Speaking of leisure, that was my initial goal, so I took a very good 22mm black alligator strap with a deep navy blue full-stitch leather and a European leather strap for the full stitch. I am a big man with a wrist of 8.5 inches, so before I buy this watch, I am worried that 42.3 mm is too small, because in any type of watch, my “best position” is between 44-45 mm. . Well, although it seems to be great for small-sized collectors, it is a solid fit for my bigger wrist.

The IWC Portugieser Automatic IW5007 also has a convex, double-layer anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal and a sapphire crystal on the back of the case. The lugs, the bezel and the back of the cladding are decorated with a polished surface, and the sides of the cladding are finished with a fine satin finish. The curved lugs and the curved spring strips really make it look more streamlined, because the straps are more effective in meeting the situation, giving a more integrated look than the 5001.

In summary, for all of these reasons, I recommend recommending the IWC Portugieser Automatic IW500705 to purists and enthusiasts. From the welcome dial and hot blue app touch to the amazingly updated 52010 caliber, IWC Portugieser automatically handles many environments and settings. Whether you’re just strolling with friends or attending a formal event, it can change you according to your daily needs.

IWC not only improved the sport, but in order to give loyal fans a more competitive price point, IWC’s retail price on the IW5007 is lower than the previous 5001. The Portuguese IWC Automated IW500705 retails for $12,700.