IWC pilot pays tribute to Mark Xi

A few weeks ago, when the news came out, the Cheap IWC Replica Watches would release the pilot’s watch, Mark XVIII, to commemorate the Mark XI. There are two main reactions: Excitingly, this mainstream will gain more heritage-inspired treatment. The suspicion of the current distressing trend is enormous. I admit that although I firmly believe that new ideas can and should be as exciting as old ideas, I really look forward to spending time on this watch. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long.

I will immediately admit that I am a bit off-center: I have a pilot’s watch, Mark XVII, and enjoy it. As a person who often rushes around for my work, I like anything related to aviation. The pilot’s watch has a certain romance, not to mention the modern Mark watch. It is very versatile and is comfortable to wear. It can be worn every day. wear. I like that you can trace the blood of these watches back to the original Mark XI, and many design cues still exist in some form. Of course, there have been some changes over the years (some are good and some are bad), but the core part of the watch is still complete.

The introduction of Mark XVIII brings the series closer to the original watch, because at 9 o’clock, the Mark XVI removed the numbers, and Mark XVII added a three-digit date window (said to be designed by an altimeter). With Mark XVIII, we have a “9”, the date window is the normal size, not to mention this matter, this case has been reduced by a millimeter, and has become a very cute 40mm. On this platform, the tribute to the Mark XI was established, based on the most recent landmark building and adding details from the original.

You will notice something right away and others will pay more attention. The first is old-fashioned mobile phones. The iconic marker is shaped like a baton and has a square end in the clockwise direction. In addition, the second hand is polished steel instead of white, with a smaller balance. The result is as clear and subtle as you get from the giant glowing swordsman. Luminova’s hand and dial are also a soft cream, not bright white, and it looks less obvious faux-aged I found it a little less harsh during the day, when the huge white Super Luminova hands can be a bit too much.

The numbers themselves are smaller, and in a slightly more angular font, similar to the original marked dial, and in order to balance things, finer hash tags in hours and minutes are also elongated. Coupled with the lack of “Mark XVIII” on the dial, this will make the space more open and it will also make people feel less cluttered. Finally, the blocks 3, 6, 9 and 12 are illuminated, as is the case of a triangle below the 12 o’clock mark. There are no dots in the triangle. This is another small thing that cleans up dialing in a meaningful way.

On the wrist, the respect for Maxi is very comfortable. This is not surprising, because the basic model of XVIII is also very good. The only real change here is that the tribute to Mark XI is an olive NATO watch band with leather-covered pinholes. I tend to wear my logo XVIII most of the time in NATO, so this watch feels like it’s on my wrist on my wrist. This watch is easy to see, although the hand is very short, and at night, even if it is only normal sunlight, it is bright and conspicuous. I am a bit worried that after the first day or the first day, this charisma will gradually disappear and will eventually feel the same as the typical Mark XVIII, but I have to say I am wrong. I continue to like to wear it because I wear it on my wrist and I think Best IWC Replica Watches did a good job in creating this gift balance.

In the end, I can devote my heart and soul to Mark Xi, paying tribute to anyone who wants a watch from a great modern pilot. This is a more low-key aspect. It’s like other pilots’ watches, including the regular Mark XVIII, and the tribute elements haven’t been done too much or too clearly, making this watch look like an artificial antique. If I buy a pilot’s watch from IWC Replica Watches today, this is undoubtedly what I want.

As a last minute touch, the pilot’s tribute to Mark Xi was a limited edition of 1,948 works. The 1948 was the birth year of the original Mark XI. This watch is the exclusive end of Harrods in London at the end of September, but there are still some available watches. The price has £3,790 (approximately $4,925 at publication time, including VAT), although it will retail for $4,150 when it is listed in the United States in October.