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The IWC Pilot’s Replica Watches Tribute To Mark XI

When the news broke out a few weeks ago, IWC Cheap Replica Watches will release the pilot watch logo XVIII “Tribute to the Eleventh Memorial”, there are two main responses: it is exciting that this mainstream will get more legacy inspired by the treatment , And the current suspicion of fake old-fashioned trends written very large. I admit that although I am convinced that new ideas can and should be as exciting as the old ones, I am really looking forward to spending some time on the metal. Luckily, I do not have to wait for a long time.

I will accept this bats and I am a bit biased: I have a Replica Watches and really like it. As a man who loves anything about the flight for my work, has a certain sense of romance for the pilot’s watch, let alone the modern Mark Best IWC Replica is very versatile, and is flat and comfortable every day. I like you can track the bloodlines of these watches all the way back to the original Mark XI, and many design tips are still in some form or another form. Of course, these years have changed, but the core of the watch is still very complete.

You will immediately notice some things, while others will see more. First, there are old-fashioned phones. The iconic mark is the stick, and there is a square end on the hour hand. In addition, the second hand is polished steel instead of white, with a smaller balance. The result is as clear as the large luminous sword, but also more subtle. The hands of the Replica Watches UK Luminova and the dial is also a soft creamy color, not a bright white – it will not look very virtual, I feel in the sun looks a little less exciting when the big white SuperLuminova hand can actually be a bit Too much.

The numbers themselves are small and have a slightly more pointed font similar to the original Mark dial, and the smaller hash marks for hours, minutes, and minutes are also extended in order to balance things. Combined with the lack of “Mark XVIII” on the dial, so you can get more open space and less chaotic dial. Finally, the blocks in the three, six, nine and twelve are shiny, 12 o’clock separate triangular markings. There is no dot on the Cheap IWC Replica side of the triangle – another little thing to clean the dial in a meaningful way.
Ultimately, I can wholeheartedly ask anyone for a great modern pilots’ watch, and pay tribute to compliment XI in a less low-profile side. It is the same as other “pilot watch” brothers, including the normal IWC Pilot’s Replica Watches, and these respect elements are not too much, nor is it so obvious, is to make this watch looks very old. If I bought a pilot’s watch from IWC today, it would undoubtedly be the watch I was going to.

As a last touch, the pilots’ tribute to Mark XI was limited edition 1,948, of which 1948 was the birth year of the original Mark XI. The watch is exclusive at the end of September in London Harrows, although there are some things available.

IWC Big Pilot’s Replica Watches Annual Calendar Edition

IWC and Antoine de SaintExupéry’s heirs have a close relationship, continued to 2006, launched the IWC Big Pilot’s Replica Watches chronograph “night flight”. Antoine de Saint Exupéry is a famous French poet, journalist and writer, the most famous novel “Little Prince”. He is also a pilot. To commemorate this impressive figure, IWC collected limited edition pilots watches, tribute to Antoine de Saint Exupéry and his most famous works. Latest IWC Large Pilot Watches Annual Calendar Edition “Antoine De Saint Exupéry” watch.

The new large pilots watch annual calendar version of “Antoine De SaintExupéry” based on last year’s Big Pilot watch annual calendar version of “Le Petit Prince”, but there are some changes. Large pilots watch annual calendar version of “Antoine De SaintExupéry” equipped with a large number of 46.2mm 18K red gold case, and retain a large conical spiral crown, Cheap IWC Replica. Waterproof is a convenient 60 meters, which means it should be enough for occasional swimming.

At 12 o’clock, you have three holes to show the month, day, and day. In addition, at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, you have power reserve indicators and auxiliary seconds respectively. Thick hands and tough Arabic numerals hour index with red gold tones, and generous application of luminescent materials, whether day or night, should not be a problem. The IWC Replica Watches large calendar dart watch annual calendar version of “Antoine De SaintExupéry” is also equipped with a matching brown calfskin strap, made by the leather expert Santoni white pin.

“Antoine De Saint Exupéry” is the IWC Caliber 52850, which can be seen through the sapphire display. It hits the standard 4Hz speed and is equipped with a 7 day long power reserve due to the two main barrels. It also has the latest version of the IWC Replica Pellaton winding system, which has recently been upgraded to ceramic parts to provide years of wear-free operation. It is also decorated with Geneva Geneva and blue screws. However, the prominent feature of the display is that it must be a large 18k red gold winding rotor, part of which is pondering to create a lightning P-38 aircraft. The decision to use the lightning P-38 is a sentimental one, as SaintExupéry disappears when flying over the Cheap Replica Watches Mediterranean in a reconnaissance mission.

Obviously, Cheap IWC Replica annual calendar version of “Antoine De Saint Exupéry” will attract the smallest “little prince” fans and authors of the admirers. However, even if you are not familiar with St. Exupéry and his works, there are a lot of love about the watch. Tobacco brown dial and red gold case looks like a great game, I particularly like the watch’s winding rotor, shaped like a lightning P-38 plane.