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IWC Pays Tribute To Pallweber’s “Live Pics & Pricing” For 150 Years

One of the company’s most famous Cheap IWC Replica Watches pocket watches produced in the late 19th century was a digital display pocket watch named Pallweber. The Pallweber pocket watch is named after the Austrian watch manufacturer Josef Pallweber. He patented his invention in 1883 and licensed it to IWC. (Later, he authorized the design to other Swiss manufacturers, but IWC Pallwebers is perhaps the most widely known). Since 1885, IWC has only produced Pallweber pocket watches for a short time. They were very popular at first, but just a few years later, the market seemed tired of this novelty. After 1887, production stopped. Due to the short production cycle, they are also one of the most collectible products of IWC’s early pocket watches. Now, for the first time, the Pallweber jumping hour and minute display provided by the IWC as a wristwatch is revolutionary in its era.

The original Parveber pocket watch used a sport with a unique bifurcated cock on the third and fourth wheels – the base was one of IWC’s so-called “Elgin” movements. The name is a bit mysterious; apparently, this has nothing to do with the Elgin Watch Company, but Fake IWC Watches did not have any reason for this name being selected in the records of this era.

The version of the Pal Weber watch you see here is very much in line with the size of its pocket watch; the diameter is 45mm, although it is also relatively thin, it is 12mm. Of course, this movement was made by IWC; this is the new IWC Replica Watches caliber 94200 with a speed of 28,800 vph and a pretty good 60-hour power reserve (taking into account the energy consumption caused by the jump time indication, all of these It’s all more impressive.) The box is red, the dial is white paint; worldwide, the output is limited to 250 pieces.

Another three-disc, hour-and-minute watch I know of is the Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk, which is a more complex structure that includes a remontoire d’egalite to help ensure balanced, unchanging torque. The Zeitwerk watch is also smaller in diameter than Pal Weber and has a diameter of 41.9 mm (a slightly thicker 12.2 mm than Pal Weber). In terms of performance, the biggest difference between Pal Weber and Zeitwerk is energy reserves: 36 hours of Zeitwerk and 60 hours of Pallweber. Part of the reason may be that remonotoire d ‘egalite requires a certain minimum energy balance to wind the remontoire spring and Zeitwerk cuts your stop working at the age of 36, instead of allowing you to enter this part of the main motivational power output curve remontoire spring is no longer wounded.

The price difference between the two is also quite large: Zeitwerk is currently US$76,200, while Pallweber’s reference IW505002 is represented by “150 years” of red gold, which is priced at US$36,600. As we approach the 2018 edition of SIHH, please pay attention to more news on the 150th anniversary series of Best IWC Replica Watches.

Cheap IWC Replica Re-interpret The Classic Tradition

The military design element is the source of inspiration for the Miramar Cheap IWC Replica range of the IWC TOP GUN naval air combat units. The new 2012 TOP GUN naval air combat force watch is the focus of the entire series. The newly launched Miramar series also plays an important role, paying tribute to California, the birthplace of the Top Gun naval air force.

Large pilot series TOP GUN naval air combat force watch the IWC Replica Watches 1940s distinctive instrument design and modern 21st century watchmaking technology perfect combination. And the first launch matte gray, beige and green three colors watch.

The Miramar collection is based on the design elements of IWC’s traditional precision watches, such as separate outer and inner hour circles. The shiny metallic gray ceramic case, beige hands and minutes ring, and green fabric strap design inspiration comes from the military style. The watch is equipped with components made of different materials, including ceramic dials and cases, while the crown is made of titanium and features the unique IWC Replica logo on the massive titanium crown.

The watch is equipped with a soft green fabric strap, with titanium alloy buckle buckle, to create outstanding visual effects. The Cheap Replica Watches uses a beige pointer and minute circle design and a red hour circle design. It should be noted that the watch’s diameter is 48 mm, a thickness of 15 mm, you want to buy a friend can see clearly.

This is the Replica Watches 3 o’clock position 7 days power reserve display device, equipped with a watch for the domestic production cal.51111 self-winding movement, the movement by 311 parts, after the full chain can be continuous Run for 7 days. Titanium watch used for the manufacture of titanium, and the material used in the case is not the same. Screw-in large onion crown, but when the tuning time is quite awesome. Watch strap closed and open state, green woven strap with silver pin buckle strap, wear safety and personality.

This watch uses a dense design, and the bottom engraved Top Gun badge logo. The 51111 built for the Cheap IWC Replica is one of the largest automatic movement in the world and its ratchet-on-chain system provides a power reserve of 8.5 days in a short period of time. The clever power reserve device, so that the movement can be automatically stopped 7 days after operation, so as to ensure watch full chain, can run accurately for 7 days.

IWC Replica with double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, can withstand the sudden pressure drop in the cockpit. From the shot according to us we can see how large the watch in the end, if it is too thin to wear, generally can not control, of course, we can see how beautiful the watch get started.