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IWC Replica Schaffhausen Mission Honors

IWC Replica Schaffhausen worked with British adventurer David de Rothschild to cross the Pacific in Plastiki in 2010, a unique 12-ton 60-foot catamaran, Made of 12,500 plastic soda bottles and other recycled materials. He began to cross the IWC Replica Watches Pacific Ocean in San Francisco and ended his trip in Sydney. His mission is to raise the global awareness of the terrible situation of our oceans, partly because of the 2.5% of all plastics since the 1950s, and the number of plastic particles has exceeded 100 million tons.

To commemorate the great success of David de Rothschild and the crew, IWC Schaffhausen Replica Watches has launched the latest version of its Ingenieur watch series, which is a limited special Edition “Ingenieuer Automatic Mission Earth Edition” Plastiki “- Reference 3236 – Limited to 1000. The automatic mechanical IWC Caliber 80110 is mounted on a rugged 46mm stainless steel housing and a soft inner shell to enhance the magnetic resistance. The automatic Cheap Replica Watches does not need to pass The crown is wound, but is swung back and forth by a slight swing of the arm, and the winding is wound. The carved on the back of the stainless steel case is an image depicting “Plastiki” and a watch number between 1000 seconds. The bright blue rubber straps recognize the blue accent and the second hand.

This is not the first IWC Replica Watches to commemorate “Plastiki”. Last year IWC launched the “Ingenieur Automatic MissionEarth” “Adventure Ecology” watch worn by David de Rothschild throughout the voyage.

The History of IWC Schaffhausen Replica Watches

IWC Replica Watches was founded in 1868, by the United States Florence Ariosto Jones in the north of Switzerland, Schaffhausen (Schaffhausen) – breathe a new life, into a hard struggle of the industrial development of the city. In 1888, IWC was one of the first companies to install electricity in its factories to provide manufacturing advantages. In 1944, the fatal mistake led to the air raid of the IWC Schaffhausen manufacturing plant; however, the company quickly packed it, and by 1957, Hans Ernst, the son of the founder, Homberger adds a new wing and buys more efficient machines to meet the surge demand for precision mechanical watches. In the late 1960s, Cheap Replica Watches decided to use the latest quartz technology, rather than worry about the death of its watch company, to ensure its continued success. In fact, IWC became the founder and shareholder of the Central Electronic Records Swiss Times, contributing half of the development of the Beta 21 quartz watch movement unveiled at the Basel Fair in 1969, accounting for 5 percent of the quartz watch Of the total sales. Although the 1970s “quartz panic” intimidated all the other Swiss watch company, 1973 is IWC Schaffhausen Replica Watches most successful year.However, in 1974, gold prices tripled, the dollar against the Swiss The car fell 40%, resulting in watch export costs rose by 250% .At the same time, Japan also found a cheaper way to create a reasonable price of quartz watches, and began to appear around the world watch market.

IWC Replica Watches

IWC Replica Watches

Quartz crisis has reached its peak, many mechanical watch companies have gone. Blancpain, for example, became dormant for many years until the relative recent revival. IWC is aware of the need to implement changes to ensure the survival of the company. IWC still strictly abide by its watchmaking tradition, decided to become a focus on the plane to pursue the technical progress of the watch, such as pilots. In 1978,IWC Replica introduced the first compass watch, which introduced titanium, a durable, corrosion-resistant lightweight watch material, making it the first company to implement titanium as a watch material. Otto Heller, Director and Chief Executive Officer, has made a significant contribution to Cheap IWC Replica successful venture capital investment in the Swiss banking business. After Otto Heller retires, Gunter Blumlein took over some of the company’s changes, including expanding the existing advertising campaign for young and free-spending customers. This direction proved to be successful. In 1991, Gunter Blumlein founded the LMH Group, with 100% stake in IWC, 60% in Jaeger-LeCoultre and 90% in A. Lange and Sohne. The Richemont Group acquired the LMH Group in July 2000 to ensure that the LMH brand will operate as a closed unit under current management to maintain its brand heritage and signature collection.