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IWC Portofino Handmade Monopusher Chronograph Watch

With the new IWC Portofino hand-wound Monopusher chronograph, Cheap IWC Replica Watches first presented the model with a clever single-button chronograph watch & miracle 2015 (essentially Asian SIHH, which took place in Hong Kong this fall). The timing of the debut, perhaps not without a trace of irony, is fortunate because it is not long after, we have discussed this particular complication in our recent length “Why the Monophusher Chronograph Chronograph & Original History” concurrency “The disease” feature article. Say, but no prejudice in our minds, let us look at the recent addition of the IWC Portofino line is new.

Available in two colors – with dark, 18k white gold metal brown dial, red 18k yellow gold plated silver plate – new IWC Portofino hand-wound whaling committee inside the 59,360-caliber Monopusher chronograph feature. 45mm wide, IWC Replica Watches goes again and may be the largest diameter possible for such history and work really more like the Portofino dressy-looking block. Thin and short lugs cannot be perceived next to the steroid-infused wheel and its thin bezel; the width of the belt, the thin lugs and the broad dial are the correct balance between the proportions of the bold game – larger case size Design elements defined by constraints and constraints (such as the small, seemingly delicate Lobe Portofino) are not always easy.

There is a good reason for this huge size for an otherwise more precise and less “final China Radio International” collection: an internal sports package with 8 days of reserve power. The 59360 is the latest intensive design of the brand’s ingenious design iteration base of the 59000 brand, and now has a monopusher chronograph complication – IWC Replica debuted a unique Portofino earlier this year with this sport at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Running on a modern 4 Hz frequency and providing 8 days worth of power reserves requires a huge and powerful main reason and the main power barrel, which in turn requires quite a lot of real estate. Therefore, the 59360 is a big sport, filled with 45 mm wide and beautiful, because this is a rare sight even today, after the emergence of internal diameters ten years later, Fake IWC Watches engineers and designers created this A family that truly deserves to be praised for modern caliber.

Due to the structural basis of the movement, some signs on the dial are displayed in the same position and some others, before the appearance of Portofino fragments. In this example, the date is still at 3 o’clock, the run seconds are six o’clock, and the 8 o’clock power reserve, while the chronograph seconds display is already installed in the center and the 60 minute counter is 12. It’s not surprising that the chronograph can be set to the center of the crown by pressing the action button – this will cycle the clever cylindrical gear and fully expose it to the back, starting, stopping and resetting the stopwatch.

The result is a relatively clean look at the time we consider the function and the number of signs in the front – although this is further evident in the lack of any deformation on the silver dial and the subtle sun finish color version on the slate. Only the arch of the strength reserve indicator saves perfectly symmetrical blocks. At the base of other iterations, we have seen the power reserve moved to the back, although it can be said that it is possible with the 59360, this small and highly useful feature is now used to make the front look more complicated, but, arguably, attracting Attention.

The Monophusher chronograph by the International Whaling Commission Portofino is a natural extension of the collection, after which the date and the important dating version are based on the same caliber. The chronograph adds complexity—technically and aesthetically—and the monopusher layout, in this rare example, the application of evergreen “less is more”, allowing the vision of the round Portofino to remain intact. Eternal – in addition to the size of the present. The price IWC Portofino’s Monophusher chronograph is $27,100 in Platinum (ref IW515103) and $25,400 in Red Gold (ref IW515104).

IWC Pilot Watch Mark XVIII Top Gun Miramar&Chronograph Top Gun Miramar

The IWC Miramar line is the favorite of fans and is named after the Naval Air Station. For SIHH 2016, the brand’s transformation of the trial run watch line also brought some changes and new watches to their Miramar line. It seems to be developing in the right direction. We have the new IWC Replica pilot’s watch Mark XVIII Top Gun Miramar and the updated IWC pilot’s watch chronograph Top Gun Miramar.

It has been four years since the launch of the IWC Top Gun Miramar Chronograph (also known as Miramar). During this time, some buyers have been complaining about their dissatisfaction with this often optimistic line drawing. That is, the altimeter inspired triple-date display and a series of “generous” dimensional features. Fortunately, in 2016, the IWC pilot’s watch, the Top Gun Miramar, was reduced to a 44 mm case at 12 o’clock, using a single date window. As before, the chronograph is equipped with a titanium crown and propulsion unit, and the 89,361 caliber manufactured by Cheap IWC Replica Watches. It has a reverse function and a 68-hour power reserve. It completely shields a soft iron cage to enhance the magnetic properties of the cockpit. protection.

However, the most exciting part of the 2016 Top Gun squadron is its newest member: the new IWC pilot’s watch “Mark XVIII” (Top Gun Miramar) ), it uses the classic observer “B-Uhr” (B-Uhr) style dial to express respect for the IWC Mark 11 (Mark 11) in the 1940s. As the first ceramic product of IWC Replica Watches, the Mark XVIII is equipped with many of the same features as its big brother, including the same titanium crown, 6-bar waterproof and soft iron cage anti-magnetic protection. It is powered by IWC’s 30110 caliber calibre, a cleverly modified ETA 2892 with a 42-hour power reserve.

In keeping with the military theme of “Top Gun”, both watches will be honoured with the original Mark 11 in sportswear and light brown olive-green embossed calfskin bracelets. Fake IWC Watches believes this is the old NATO strap. A valuable and handsome upgrade. The IWC pilot’s watch, the Mark XVIII Top Gun Miramar (reference IW324702), is priced at $5,450, and the IWC pilot’s watch chronograph, Top Gun Miramar (reference IW389002), is priced at $10,900.