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IWC Voyage Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar Hands-on Production

This year may be the Year of the Monkey, but for Cheap IWC Replica Watches, this year is the test flight. After SIHH released a series of highly acclaimed “Top Guns” and “Classic Test Pilots” series in 2016, it may be said that the Schaffhausen manufacturer’s “bread and butter” products mark its return to its former glory. Not too fast. After a period of time with the IWC IWC pilot’s watch chronograph, Top Gun Miramar (reference IW389002), our initial impression of the latest update of the series was confirmed. In terms of executive power and spirit, this is quite reasonable, but still the super male pilot watch is finally worthy of its name with the most elite flying school in the army.

At first glance, the medieval “B-uhr” observer DNA is still very bi-compax part of the IWC Replica pilot’s watch timing Zinzhi Lingyun Mirama, like the beige outside minute signature tracking contrasting matte gray disc and red inner hour mark – – Stick to the outgoing version from the details. As before, the appearance of bright black ceramics and military uniforms certainly feels like the f-22 in the cockpit – or at least the Willis version of the Jeep Wrangler behind the steering wheel, for us mortals not Ranomaker Flight suit, then go to the office.

So, what’s the big fuss about the new version of Top Gun? The first and most important thing is that the case of this watch has been reduced from 46mm to a more practical 44mm, which is more suitable for a wider range of watches and casual wear. . The composition of the ceramic casing, combined with the new dimensions, creates a very light wrist that is much more comfortable than any stainless steel cousin in the pilot family. The reduced size also helps to stabilize the dial to a certain extent – reducing the total number of unused, increasing the total ratio between the hour and minute hands, and the information they convey.

Another commendable change is how the rigorously screened altimeter style date window is edited into a single date aperture to balance the dial more effectively. Of course, the next step for Fake IWC Watches is to match the date wheel to the gray dial, or at least use red instead of white numbers. If Sinn can do this, IWC’s internal movement manufacturing can certainly do it, but we must be satisfied with the standard, although it has greatly improved the date window.

Compared to the 2012 model, the last improvement of the upgraded version is the 12:00 step subdial watch, which now integrates a 12-hour accumulator into the 60-minute counter and finally runs the small seconds at 6:00 The addition, while introducing an additional layer of information, does not destroy the original readability of the watch. Powering all this is the 89,361-caliber camera made by Best IWC Replica Watches, a super-efficient 40-jewel back-counting chronograph with an impressive 68-hour battery reserve. It is helpful for anyone who likes to use the same wrist time for anything they collect.

If I don’t explain the name of Miramar, then I am too rude, but I bet that most of the readers here are already familiar with it. Miramar is the name of the Air Force Base in San Diego, California, and is the training base for TOPGUN pilots, although the base has moved to Nevada. IWC Replica Watches retains the copyright of the movie “Top Gun” logo, and, to make some people happy, others are cringing that it appears in the same case as the previous “Top Gun” watch. of. Fortunately, its color is not like the model a few years ago. It annoys some people, but if you don’t like this watch, it is easy to ignore.

Four years after the launch of the first version, IWC’s watch of the IWC pilot’s watch, Top Gun Miramar, preserved the aesthetics of the retro pilot watch, despite some improvements and improvements. It is not particularly exciting, nor does it bring anything new to this genre. Its price, which is worth five digits, really depends on the buyer, but if you like this aesthetic, but can’t afford it, or the ambiguity of the IWC brand, there are other options. Products like Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss and Airboss Mach 9 are cool alternatives, and you can buy them at one-tenth or one-quarter of the IWC price.

The Top Gun Miramar, the IWC pilot’s watch timer, masks its $10,900 asking price for its unobtrusive, all-encompassing instrumental watch aesthetic. For those who like to use a more dynamic visual cues to confirm the value of the watch, this is a pill that is difficult to swallow. Even the olive green calfskin strap, although well-made, seems to disappear on the wrist, especially when it is camouflaged on a earthy shirt or jacket. But there is beauty in this austerity – just ask any Sinn or Damasko owner – and some kind of natural confidence is proven for those who like to make a statement by understanding complex ceramic manufacturing, or compelling technical strength to beat Isn’t that what the collection is?

The IWC Ingenieur Series Is Expanded By Four New Models

Imagine such a picture: In 2016, you feel inclined to buy one of the strictly limited-edition-only IWC Ingenieur watches, thinking that this is a one-off opportunity to get a new engineer… well, don’t worry if you don’t, Because the Whaling Commission today released basically the same watches and some basic aesthetic adjustments as well as three new models—in terms of two chronograph models, and a chronograph perpetual calendar—now collected by a new Cheap IWC Replica Watches engineer.

IWC Replica Watches

IWC Replica Watches

As a novice and entry-level model, we have the IWC Ingenieur Automatic 40 shown above, with reference to IW357001, IW357002, and IW357003, starting at just under $5,000 and upgrading from there to a steel bracelet or a 18k solid gold case. Inspired by the IWC Replica Ingenieur reference 666, the first Ingenieur dates back to 1955, and the silver dial looks closest to its predecessor on black leather.

A little-known fact is that before the launch of the Ingenieur in 1955, the International Whaling Commission had produced some military pilot watches with soft iron cages to protect the movement from the more developed and better equipped in the 1940s. The effect of a stronger magnetic field appearing in the cockpit. Abandoning the DNA of the pilot’s watch The IWC Ingenieur watch is a beautifully dressed dress watch that is designed to be an engineer, not a pilot. When Gerald Genta was redesigned in 1976, the series was the most eye-catching renovation – but that was another matter.

This is to say that all things are returned in much the same way we found with the old and new Da Vinci (practice): the International Whaling Commission’s automatic 40mm, the closest to the original four new models, provides a good conservative The size (especially the Rolex submarine) jumped in the “IWC Replica Watches caliber 35111″. The 35111 is the base Sellita SW300, which in turn is the ETA 2892 clone, which helps explain some of the price differences between Ingenieur Auto and Submarines. It runs at 4 Hz and offers a 42-hour power reserve, ensuring it won’t be the first choice for those looking for more modern sports in this price range.

The IWC Ingenieur Chronograph is basically an unlimited reissue of the limited edition last year – as shown above, IW380802, IW380801 and IW380803. They are 42 mm wide and are plated with stainless steel or 18k gold and 120m deep. Inside is what we were told is a brand new sport called IWC Caliber 69375.

It is designed to be a relatively high-volume automatic chronograph caliber with a layout similar to the 7750, but having a column wheel instead of a cam drive system is the most significant difference. The operating frequency is kept at 4Hz and the power reserve is 46 hours, so other specifications are very close to the famous classic car timing. From an aesthetic point of view, what’s new compared to last year’s limited edition is that it now has a huge, always impressive IWC winding rotor with large cuts and bevels. Side, not the rather mediocre stampings on the 2016 model. According to similar models last year, the price of Fake IWC Watches is expected to start at around $7,200.

The IWC IWC Chronograph is a titanium bag that is 44 mm wide instead of the previously mentioned three more complex IWC caliber 89361. It offers a more impressive 68-hour power reserve, a more advanced automatic winding system and a more sophisticated display timing hour and minute at 12 points on a secondary dial.

A clever design detail is the 6 o’clock lightning seconds hand, a reminder of the Ingenieur logo (perhaps the center of Milgauss seconds). In this high-contrast, clearly identifiable, but arguably less sporty black-and-white sport, the Best IWC Replica Watches chronograph movement will be limited to 500 pieces, but we won’t be surprised to see that different versions will appear sooner or later.

The IWC Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month is the flagship product of the 2017 new collection. It is 45 mm wide and 17.5 mm thick and features 18k red gold, based on a truly impressive sport. , IWC caliber 89800. Like the chronograph movement, this 89,000-based watch adds a perpetual calendar combination with digital indications for the month and date at 2 and 10 respectively. A clever design adjustment is that the frame of the hole appears to be a sub-dial—although in the eyes of the watch design purifier, a peripheral non-functional trajectory may be considered a design contraindication.

From the back, it looks like the other 89 xxx timers, the perpetual calendar module is naturally mounted to the side of the dial (otherwise, all your important displays and displays are below the airplane’s dial, not to mention the movement of the time-counting reserve). Currently, it is limited to 100 pieces in this version with silver-white dialing.

The latest expansion of the IWC Ingenieur series is a sensible move, unless you were one of the people who bought a limited edition last year and thought it was a rare opportunity. From 40mm wide automatic timing devices to timers, these form a solid core series, and the perpetual calendar continues to impress this particular sport. The IWC watch movement is clearly lacking in color (most likely not in conflict with the 2016 limited edition), making it safer than exciting designs. All the different IWC Ingenieur references and model changes in the price we will increase once IWC makes them available.