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IWC Aquatimer Auto 2000 Watch Hands

Although IWC’s new 2013 Aquatimer series has a maximum size of 42 mm, the IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 has a width of 46 mm and is made of titanium. It also happens to be a rather large 20.5 mm thick! However, it is completely tolerable, and I can’t help but like the concept, especially considering the design of IWC Replica Watches and Porsche designs in the 1980s. One thing I’m not sure about is how much the aquamarine color of the hand and hour markers will change over time. They have a unique calm, but I want to know that people will only want them to turn white over time. Please note that the future IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 will not stop producing any other version of IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000, but this is a problem. How do you see the lasting value of the dial color scheme?

The dial is very clear in other respects, with enough lumens (seeming) and decorative elements. If you forget, the Aquatimer case has two exciting elements that were new in 2014 and are loved by me and other IWC Replica fans. The first is the ratchet diver’s bezel. The outer baffle moves in both directions, but since it is ratcheted, it can only be moved in one direction. It will move the inner rotating baffle for timing purposes. This is a great little system, and once you get back to the traditional rotating bezel, it will take a step back.

In addition to the ratchet “SafeDive” bezel system, Best IWC Replica Watches has also designed a fully updated quick change system for the strap or strap. We have already talked about this when we refer to the 2014 new Aquatimer watch, but let me review it. The system uses a small pusher under the strap or bracelet to easily release it. It works well and can change belts quickly. It is more durable and works better than ever. It is also very good that the system still uses traditional spring bars. Why is this important? Ok, it allows you to use any assembly belt you like. Third-party belts do not have a clean, quick-release system, but at least you can use any belt you like. Therefore, in addition to the well-designed quick-change system for IWC belts, you can still use regular third-party belts if you wish. Very good job, IWC!

IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph “Ocean Racer”

Boat races and watches – a strange and seemingly everlasting green combination. A few years ago, IWC Replica Watches joined the craze and chose to sponsor the Volvo Ocean Race, a challenging global race that began in Alicante, Spain in October and in June 2015. The termination of Gothenburg, Sweden. Regarding the more specific role of IWC, the brand is the official timekeeper for the event, a partner of the Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team, and a sponsor of the 24-hour speed record.

About three years ago, we discussed its predecessor (article here), the 2011-2012 limited edition, which includes a titanium case and a carbon fiber dial; it is really interesting to see the new model showing a 180 degree rotation compared to the previous version. . For 2014, IWC Replica released a more mature, we say more down-to-earth iteration, because the new IWC Portuguese Yacht Club chronograph “Ocean Racer” has a stainless steel case, neat appearance, clear and easy to read The white dial has blue pointers and hands, as well as the red splash here and there, a little sporty look.

In terms of function, the latest model will not bring any new ideas to the table, because it shows the hours and minutes, the running seconds on the 6 o’clock dial, the date, and a flight chronograph with up to 12 hours. Although we have seen this dual compax layout in many other models of Best IWC Replica Watches, the minute and hour displays of the sub-dial at 12 o’clock including the chronograph are still a neat detail because it makes a more balanced dialing, not Affects functionality or legibility.