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IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII

Inspired by the 1948 Mark 11 watch, the Mark XVIII watch designed by IWC’s new entry-level pilot for SIHH 2016 was called “simplified as a necessity” by the brand. A simple three-watch design for maximum legibility, this piece is a popular addition to the IWC pilot watch line. It’s simple, but the basic design of Cheap IWC Replica Watches is very beautiful to achieve maximum legibility, which is the simplest idea I think.

IWC is piloting in 2016 to watch the update and release of big watches like the IWC big pilot traditional look 48 & 55 (more about these two here) at 48mm and almost funny big 55mm, but there seems to be a whole mode to zoom down One line. Interestingly, the IWC Mark XVIII they released was only one millimeter narrower than the current Mark XVII. The IWC Replica, which is 40 mm wide, also made a decision. This decision applies to some of the trial runs this year, that is, the three-shot display is cancelled. I think this is a very popular move, because in the eyes of so many buyers, the three-date window is really unnecessary.

All these aesthetic decisions are related to IWC’s desire to return to a more traditional look. This involves design clues, such as taking the “9” that was taken out of the pilot production line in 2002. “12” is replaced by a slightly parallel triangle (meaning to see the face in the object), and there are points on both sides of the triangle. The dial of the Fake IWC Watches entry-level pilot, the Mark XVIII (see IW327001, IW327002 and IW327011), can be used on a calfskin strap or a stainless steel strap with a black dial or a silver-plated dial. In addition, this watch has a water resistance of 60 meters.

In the latter case, you will see the Junkers Ju 52, the most common civil aircraft of the 1930s. The IWC pilot’s watch, the Mark XVIII, is equipped with an automatic movement of 30,110 caliber, operating at 4hz and having a 42-hour power reserve. This is the same as the upcoming Mark XVII, a solid main sport. As an entry-level watch, I think the Mark XVIII of the IWC Replica Watches Trial version will be very appealing to buyers who prefer a cleaner look (especially the triple date window is omitted in an appointment). Similarly, the three models are: Ref. IW327001 black dial and black Santoni calf leather strap for $3,950; Ref. IW327002 silver-plated dial and black Santoni calfskin strap for $3,950; black dial and stainless steel The watch chain Ref. 327011, exquisite adjustment buckle, price $ 4,950.

IWC Pilot Watch Mark XVIII Top Gun Miramar&Chronograph Top Gun Miramar

The IWC Miramar line is the favorite of fans and is named after the Naval Air Station. For SIHH 2016, the brand’s transformation of the trial run watch line also brought some changes and new watches to their Miramar line. It seems to be developing in the right direction. We have the new IWC Replica pilot’s watch Mark XVIII Top Gun Miramar and the updated IWC pilot’s watch chronograph Top Gun Miramar.

It has been four years since the launch of the IWC Top Gun Miramar Chronograph (also known as Miramar). During this time, some buyers have been complaining about their dissatisfaction with this often optimistic line drawing. That is, the altimeter inspired triple-date display and a series of “generous” dimensional features. Fortunately, in 2016, the IWC pilot’s watch, the Top Gun Miramar, was reduced to a 44 mm case at 12 o’clock, using a single date window. As before, the chronograph is equipped with a titanium crown and propulsion unit, and the 89,361 caliber manufactured by Cheap IWC Replica Watches. It has a reverse function and a 68-hour power reserve. It completely shields a soft iron cage to enhance the magnetic properties of the cockpit. protection.

However, the most exciting part of the 2016 Top Gun squadron is its newest member: the new IWC pilot’s watch “Mark XVIII” (Top Gun Miramar) ), it uses the classic observer “B-Uhr” (B-Uhr) style dial to express respect for the IWC Mark 11 (Mark 11) in the 1940s. As the first ceramic product of IWC Replica Watches, the Mark XVIII is equipped with many of the same features as its big brother, including the same titanium crown, 6-bar waterproof and soft iron cage anti-magnetic protection. It is powered by IWC’s 30110 caliber calibre, a cleverly modified ETA 2892 with a 42-hour power reserve.

In keeping with the military theme of “Top Gun”, both watches will be honoured with the original Mark 11 in sportswear and light brown olive-green embossed calfskin bracelets. Fake IWC Watches believes this is the old NATO strap. A valuable and handsome upgrade. The IWC pilot’s watch, the Mark XVIII Top Gun Miramar (reference IW324702), is priced at $5,450, and the IWC pilot’s watch chronograph, Top Gun Miramar (reference IW389002), is priced at $10,900.