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IWC PILOT’s Watch Mark 18 Edition ‘Maxi’ Watch

As one would expect, IWC Replica has a history of a century and a half. It has several watches. One example is the recently updated watch on the IWC Pilot ‘s watch Mark XVIII, which is “Mark XI” (Ref. IW327007). For ease of reading, it can simply be called “Thank you Mark XI.” During the year when the brand entered traditional products, the tribute to Mark XI is not entirely surprising, but it has been meticulously updated to meet the current taste and needs of a watch collector.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII has been around for some time, but the standard production versions are very different and have more of a design similar to the B-Uhr-style Pilot. This is a limited edition watch, you may have guessed, this watch was inspired by the 1948 IWC Mark XI. Number 1,948 is also how many pieces will be produced by the IWC, making this watch uncommon but not uncommon. The IWC Pilot Replica Watch Mark XVIII “Thanks to the Mark XI” style and aesthetics is very similar to the military and field watch of the early 20th century. The most famous is the “Dirty Dozen” watch.

This watch inspired by Mark XI, the most important visual revelation is the mobile phone. This unique combination of hands is rarely seen before the Cheap IWC Replica Watches Mark XI. Like his ancestors, Mark Hish is a matte black dial, white Arabic numerals, with the greatest degree of clarity, and luminous spots of 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Although lume is a modern super light, its color looks like an old tritium, and I always feel that it is warm and pleasing.

There is a date window at 3 o’clock. Thankfully, the date wheel is black and the white text helps it blend in with the dial while maintaining readability. The complexity of the date is a concession to modern consumer preferences because the original Mark XI was not equipped with one. Since this is a watch of a modern pilot, it is equipped with a soft iron cage to protect the movement from magnetic influence, but in the usual IWC fashion, there is no specific figure. This crystal is also guaranteed not to be replaced by a sudden drop in air pressure. In the pilot’s watch, as the air pressure drops sharply, its expected characteristics will also decrease.

This movement, which Best IWC Replica Sale calls 335111, is essentially a Sellita 300-1, which itself is a copy of ETA 2892 (IWC is no longer available because it is part of Richemont, not Swatch with ETA). The pilot’s watch is designed to be sturdy, reliable and easy to maintain, and this action checks all three boxes. Like most modern sports, the 335111 has a caliber of 28,800 bph and provides 42 hours of energy reserve. This movement was hidden under stainless steel screws with the words “commemorating Xi Jinping” and “1948 1”.

Another concession to modern preference is the size of the watch. The stainless steel case is 40 mm wide and 10.8 mm thick. This is a classic design with curved, conical lugs and brushes at the top and bottom. The “Welcome Mark XI” on the Fake IWC pilot watch is even thinner than the original Mark XI, but it is suitable for this watch. A simple groove unscrewing the crown adds a final touch. With this spiral crown and sturdy case, one might think that the waterproof performance of this watch is at least 100 million, but the salute to Mark Xi Jinping was only set at 6,000 meters. Although this does not affect the function of the pilot’s watch, it looks like a watch with practicality and durability, and its waterproof rating should be higher.

Like any other retro-style work, Watch Mark XVIII of IWC Pilot “Thanks to Mark XI” does not open up new fields in design or mechanical performance. This is just a familiar, comprehensive product for those who might like the original Mark XI but prefer modern tolerances. The International Whaling Commission paid tribute to a military green NATO sling of Mark XI and will start using it in July 2017, but there is a problem. In the first three months, starting in July 2017, the retail price for Mark XI (Ref IW327007) will only be in London’s Harrods Department Store at £3790 including VAT (~$4865). After that, any remaining watch inventory will be available through all boutiques and authorized retailers at a price of $4,150. For those who want to know this, the difference in price is due to the fact that VAT is applicable to purchases in the UK, and the concept of exclusive retailers is a way for brands to support retailers. These retailers have been affected by the rise of e-commerce in recent years. critical hit.

IWC INGENIEUR Sport Version, Is The 50th Anniversary Of The Mercedes-AMG Watch

IWC Launches Limited Edition IWC Ingenieur (IWC Ingenieur) Chronograph Campaign “50th Anniversary of Mercedes-AMG” in commemoration of the golden anniversary of AMG, the performance car company of Mercedes-Benz. This watch will be limited edition of 250, only a little smaller than the standard IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches chronograph movement.

Under the dial, this watch is the same as a conventional IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport or Portuguese chronograph with an internal caliber of 89,361. Equipped with a 68-hour power back-up, this automatic timer offers the flyback feature, a feature that’s suitable for racing motifs because it can be used for timekeeping like a car. It also has a unique hour and minute accumulator (as we discussed in the link above to the article), and at 12 o’clock its purpose is to make chronological reading more intuitive.

The difference between this IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches Chronograph Sport “Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary” and the other caliber 89361 is clear. Like the original Ingenieur of 1955, IWC’s amg Ingenieur timer movement is equipped with a soft cage that helps to keep the watch diamagnetic, although the IWC does not provide specific data on how much diamagnetic it is. In keeping with the theme of motorsports, and especially the AMG, the rear of the soft iron cage has a hole formed in its radial direction to make it look like a brake disc. In addition, the back of the cage is inscribed with the words “Engine to pay tribute to one person.” This means that each AMG engine is assembled by an AMG mechanic. For me personally, I find it hard to see the benefits of carving and drilling soft iron cages, and I think it would be enough to make a sturdy shell with a similar sculpture. However, AMG’s theme is loud and clear.

The dial is silvered, with an index of zero to sixty degrees and the other is the inspiration for many motorcycle designs. At this point, Cheap IWC Replica Sale said the color schemes for red, white and anthracite are intended to reflect the color scheme found on the circuits around the world. Red and white are used to control asphalt and anthracite. All the time-related pointers are red, and the pointers dedicated to the time are all black. The dial was made through a date window at 3 o’clock and there was a tachometer on the edge when the last touch of a motor sport theme was done. Although this feature is not particularly useful in today’s world, There is absolutely hope.

All of this is housed in a 44mm titanium box, rated 120 million water resistance, with a screw and a rectangular push rod. In 15.9mm thick and 5-level titanium exterior stainless steel you will be forgiven looking forward to this is a heavy watch. However, one of the main advantages of titanium is that it is a very light and sturdy metal. Although the use of titanium is not unique to this limited edition, it is definitely suited to the concept of performance motorsport, where lightweight, sturdy materials are very valuable. This box has brushed edges, polished front and rear panels, polished royal guard and push hands. The back of the panel engraved with “Mercedes-amg’s 50th anniversary” and “a 250”.

The relationship between Best Fake IWC Watches and Mercedes-AMG dates back to 2004, and there have been several limited editions of which have unique shell materials such as boron carbide. This watch represents another milestone in this ongoing relationship. With this partnership in mind, owners of the five special editions of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 “50” car will also receive the limited edition IWC Ingenieur Chronograph sport. Like a watch, this car was designed to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

As I mentioned, this version is much cheaper than the unqualified model. The special edition watch is usually priced at a much higher price than its standard counterparts, often without any other reason, except that it is labeled with a special edition and may have a different dial color – and some so-called “exclusivity “. This is very frustrating for watch collectors. The “Fake IWC Ingenieur Watches” sports version of the “Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary” costs just over $ 800 more than the standard Ingenieur chronograph movement. This makes it more attractive because collectors admire the Ingenieur line, but it wants something distinctive, not an ordinary product. In the year we saw the “Limited Edition”, there were 2,012 or 6,000 works, and 250 made it feel more “rare.” The sports version of the IWC Ingenieur “The 50th Anniversary of Mercedes-AMG” is available at retailers and online for $ 11,800.