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IWC Universal Portugal Series Sidérale Scafusia Private Custom Watch

“There is no short cut between Earth and stars” – Seneca. Mankind has always been curious about the mysterious universe. From the earliest records of mankind, some people look to the sky in an attempt to understand the world in which we live through the vast sky. Although the light brought by modern science and technology has dimmed the stars in the night sky, it has not diminished the infatuation with the blinking stars in the night sky. However, Cheap IWC Replica the stars are so far away from us that we can not reach him. Our benefactor Seneca also said that it is not easy to travel from Earth to the stars. If so, why not bring a masterpiece to bring the stars to you?

Well, the Swiss watch brand,IWC Replica Watches, can not really take the stars off for you, but it can create a beautiful sky for you, put it on your wrist and accompany you around.

The São Miguel de Portugal series Sidérale Scafusia can be tailor-made for you an exclusive celestial map, and the specific spots you have chosen to make it are also the basis for the production of astrograms and astronomical displays, meaning that wherever you go, Always have a sky dedicated to you.

Looking closely you will find that this is more than just a beautiful picture. The star disc in the caseback can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. Shows the dynamics of the stars, as well as the real night sky scenes now visible on the selected coordinates. Coordinates can be latitude and longitude, GPS data, IWC Replica city or place names. At the same time also contains a calendar. At first glance may be a little confused, but everything arranged in order, you only need to understand how to read the information.

First look at the perpetual calendar, the calendar of this watch shows the current date as the actual number of days of the year. A red arrow with a dot shows the sun on a 24-hour outer ring while a yellow arrow with a star symbol shows a star on the inner ring. Two red triangular pointers on the outside indicate the current sunrise and sunset times for the selected location. In addition, during the day, evening and night, the color of the sky map will gradually dim.

With such a beautiful celestial map, you may find it hard to move your eyes off the bottom of the Cheap Replica Watches. Throughout the more than 140-year history of the brand, Universal has never traveled abroad with a combination of astronomy and so many sophisticated functions. Universal also offers special services that allow customers to create exclusive watches through countless combinations. Each section of the case material, five different dial color, a variety of inlay scale and strap color, and strap material can be used with more than 200 different designs to choose from, to create a unique watch.

The most eye-catching dial on the dial should be the 9 o’clock position occupied the main status of the large tourbillon, giving the left a deep impression. Although equipped with a tourbillon in terms of the watch is nothing new, but this Cheap IWC Replica tourbillon due to the combination of a constant power unit, so it is worth mentioning that it ensures a minimum of 48 hours accurate and average rate. In constant power mode, the small seconds beats once per second. After that, the power goes to normal mode, speeding up to every one-fifth of a second bounce. The tourbillon frame and the upper half are made of titanium metal, rhodium-plated escapement wheels and nickel silver pendulum more hand-made, the whole movement spectacular.

In addition to the tourbillon, dial 12 o’clock position is also equipped with IWC Replica a precise star display, 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock position equipped with a power reserve shows that the movement can provide 96 hours of power reserve, of course, there are basic, Sub-display. And in the aesthetic sense, this watch is the most attractive is that all nations give you a chance for you to create a unique watch of their own.

Cheap IWC Replica Celebrates 50 Years of the Aquatimer with New Case Material

IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital 50 Month Aquatimer Released this month, the world’s limited edition of 50, the IWC brand based in Schaffhausen not only commemorates the 50th anniversary of Aquatimer Diving in a grand style, but also broke the tabulation Industry introduction of new materials exclusive Cheap IWC Replica company tickets.

Known as Ceratanium, this new material, as one might expect from its name, combines ceramic and titanium with the former’s hardness and scratch resistance while retaining the latter’s lightness and unbreakability. Its unique matte black surface also has high skin and corrosion resistance.

IWC Replica Watches materials experts spent five years developing the alloy and achieved the desired results in time for this special edition celebrating Aquatimer’s half-century memorial, the 200-meter water-repellency and interior introduced in 1967 Rotating bezel. The combination of ceramic and titanium in a new composite is also appropriate because IWC played an important role in the tabulation of both materials in the 1980’s.

The watch’s matte black Ceratanium case diameter of 49 mm, a thickness of 19.5 mm, the convex sapphire crystal glass dial surface after two-sided non-reflective coating treatment. Like all models in the 2014 Aquatimer Series, it has an external internal bezel for diving time, along with IWC Replica proprietary SafeDive system, to ensure that the internal bezel rotates only counterclockwise when the external bezel is rotated Can be adjusted to prevent accidental movement of the scale and to add extra layer of protection to the diver’s trajectory while keeping the water under water. The black rubber strap comes with a quick-change system that allows the wearer to easily swap it with another strap.

The black dial, with white and red highlights, shows the complexity of this watch. Date and month with a digital Cheap Replica Watches that a large number, because the watch is a perpetual calendar, it will automatically identify the length of different months or even leap years, so do not need to adjust the date until 2100, as long as the watch continues to run. In addition to the perpetual calendar, the watch is equipped with a flyback timer function to record a single small dial at 12 o’clock time and time.

The movement that drives all these features is the Caliber 89802 movement from Replica Watches UK. The movement’s dial has several features, including a winding rotor with a black coating on top, in harmony with the overall matte black look. This self-winding movement is visible behind the sapphire show, with 51 jewels at a frequency of 28800-vph and a power reserve of 68 hours.