50th Anniversary of the IWC Watches Sports Edition “Mercedes-Amg”

IWC Replica Watches launched the limited edition IWC Sports Edition “Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary” table, as the name suggests, to commemorate the golden anniversary of Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance car company AMG. The watch will be available in a limited edition of 250 pieces, which is only slightly higher than the standard Ingenieur chronograph movement.

Under the dial, this watch has the same movement as the IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport or the Portuguese version, the indoor caliber 89361. This is an automatic timekeeping chronograph with a 68-hour power reserve that provides a back-shooting function that matches the theme of a motor sports competition because it can be used to time continuous time intervals. Like a racing circle. It also has a unique hour and minute accumulator (discussed in the link article above) to make timing readings more intuitive.

The difference between the Cheap IWC Replica Watches sports watch called “Mercedes-Amg 50th Anniversary” and another 89,361-diameter watch is obvious. Like Ingenieur in 1955, the IWC Mercedes-Amg Ingenieur chronograph movement is also equipped with a soft iron cage to help make the watch diamagnetic, but IWC does not provide specific data to show how much it is. Antimagnetic. In keeping with the theme of motorsport and AMG, the back of the soft iron cage forms a bore in its radial direction, making it look like a brake disc. In addition, the back of the cage is engraved with the words “Dedicated to one engine and one engine”. “This means that every engine produced by AMG is assembled from scratch by an AMG mechanic. As far as I am concerned, it is difficult for me to see the benefits of carving and drilling in a soft iron cage. I think one A solid box with similar carvings is enough. However, AMG’s theme is loud and clear.

The dial is silver-plated, with a 0 to 60 style index, and another racing-inspired design change. At this point, Fake IWC Watches has said that the red, white and anthracite color scheme is to reflect the color scheme on the track around the world, that is, the road junction is red and white, and the asphalt road is anthracite. All pointers associated with the timing function are red, and the hands dedicated to timing are all black. The dial was completed in a date window of 3 o’clock, and finally the theme of motorsport, a tachometer scale around the edge – this feature is not particularly useful in today’s era, but it will definitely appear on such watches.

All of these are housed in a 44 mm titanium casing rated for 120 m of water resistance with a screw-mounted top and rectangular propulsion unit. The watch is 15.9 mm thick and is made of grade 5 titanium. It looks stainless steel. If you think this is a very heavy watch, it is understandable. However, one of the main advantages of titanium is that it is a very light but very strong metal. Although the use of titanium is not unique to this limited edition, it is absolutely in line with the concept of high-performance motorsports, where lightweight, high-strength materials are highly regarded. The case has a brushed edge, polished front bezel and polished back frame, polished Royal Guard and Promoter. The border of the back of the case is engraved with “Mercedes-Amg 50th Anniversary Edition” and “One of the 250 cars”.

The relationship between Best IWC Replica Watches and Mercedes-AMG dates back to 2004 and has introduced a number of limited editions, several of which use unique casing materials such as boron carbide. This table represents another milestone in this continuing relationship. With this partnership in mind, owners of the five Mercedes-Amg GT3 “50” sedan will also receive a limited edition IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport. Like the watch, this car was specially designed and launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

I mentioned that this version has a surprisingly lower premium than the unqualified version. The price of a special edition watch is usually much more expensive than an ordinary watch. In many cases, it is labeled with a special edition, and may have different dial colors, and there are some so-called “monopoly”. This can be quite frustrating for watch collectors. The IWC Sports Watch “Mercedes-Amg 50th Anniversary” is only $800 more than the standard Ingenieur watch sport. This makes collectors who appreciate the Ingenieur collection more interesting. What they want is something less common than ordinary products. In the past year, we have seen the number of “limited editions” reaching 2,012 or 6,000 pieces, and 250 pieces make people feel more “rare”. The black calfskin strap of the IWC Replica Timetable Sport Edition “Mercedes-Amg 50th Anniversary” is priced at $11,800 at retailers and online.

IWC Watch Watch Chronograph Review

Like many luxury watch manufacturers today, IWC’s goal is not to pursue novelty, but to pursue exquisiteness. Many of the classic watch models and themes we like are slowly evolving in a Rolex fashion, which means that over time, they will have a slight improvement, rather than a major change and a burst of design creativity. This is a good framework to understand the current generation of Cheap IWC Replica Watches pilot watch chronograph reference table 3777 family refresh back to 2016. At the SIHH 2016 International Whaling Conference, the International Whaling Commission made some minor modifications to the pilot’s watch timing device, but he was very appreciative. If you are interested in this watch and various versions of the watch, I suggest you look at that link. Now, I will continue to review a watch, I think it should have a place in many people’s collections as a regular wearing option.

Sports watches are usually divided into several main categories based on the overall theme on which they are based. When mixing often occurs, purists tend to appreciate watches designed for a specific purpose. To this end, we have diving watches, driving watches, and of course pilot watches. The “activity timers” of each core type have incredible diversity, but they often have more in common than differences. I mean, if you put a lot of pilot watches on a table, you might see a lot in common. To some extent, IWC Replica Watches tries to be an “elegant average” brand, and you might expect to see a test chart with a chronograph. It is a fusion of design themes and styles, done in a balanced, logical, and saturated history. In other words, this is the formula of a Swiss watch that some people think is perfect.

IWC is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, close to the German border. I believe this brand was produced during the two world wars and changed from a quality watch manufacturer to a luxury watch manufacturer when there was a major change in the industry in the 1980s. Today, IWC uses its history to the best of its ability, and its commissioning schedule has the most “historical legitimacy” compared to all its sports watches (Aquatimer, Ingenieur, etc.).

This is not important to me because I am a fan of anyone who produces high quality products, regardless of their history, but this has greatly benefited Fake IWC Watches because they are compared to their other watches. It seems to be the most comfortable when making a pilot watch. The brand seems to have mastered the design of a good test gold watch. From a design point of view, this watch feels very authentic and comfortable to wear on the wrist. In other words, among the many brands that make watch watches, IWC pilot watches are one of the few watches that really feel comfortable.

You can also spend a lot of money on IWC pilot watches. Choose fancy internal movements and precious case materials, and you will spend a lot of money very quickly. Having said that, my personal appreciation of their pilot watches is more at the entry level, I think you got a good deal with a good design. The IWC’s original pilot watch (for men) is actually a so-called pilot watch, and in the current pilot watch, the Mark XVIII representation is a very practical 40 mm wide watch that can be used for a long time. This is a very good watch, but it is too small, too simple, so when it comes to “men’s sports watch”, it is difficult to impress the hearts of many Western men. For another $1,000, you can enter Pilot’s watch timing feature to maintain a simple and practical style, but in a slightly larger case, it has a more complex dial.

Let’s distinguish between the IWC pilot’s watch collection and the large pilot’s watch collection. In addition to the latter being larger and containing internal IWC movements, it is also more expensive. The price of the large strap watch of IWC Replica is more than 2.5 times that of the watch strap. I am not talking about the relative value of these two watches, but it is clear that a watch with a price of around $13,000 will not be open to those who buy watches that cost around $5,000. Most importantly, the large-leading watch collection and the leading watch collection basically serve two very different consumer groups.

The 43mm wide, 15mm thick steel watch, the IWC Navigator’s watch timer wears out, but is very comfortable. It is undoubtedly masculine in proportion, but it does not appear too big, which is a good thing. The Whaling Commission did a good job of emphasizing the size of the dial by keeping the border thin and ensuring that the main function of the device (telling) was effortless to properly select the texture dial and high contrast between the face and the mark/hand.

To some extent, I would recommend the IWC pilot’s dial to students who want to learn about the effective watch dial design, because there are many correct operations. IWC draws inspiration from decades of history and design culture, and only a few classic things can be found in a pilot watch (even though it sometimes looks a bit ordinary). Regardless of the lack of IWC’s purely branded DNA characteristics of this watch, they all compensate for the lack of a satisfactory appearance. In most cases, this imitation is at the forefront of the competition. I said this with love, but now IWC is making one of the best universal test dials – it shows a lot, because many people seem to be trying.

Although Best IWC Replica Watches is a luxury goods company, products like Pilot ‘s Watch Chronograph capture a serious tool project rather than show off. The steel shell brushed all over the place, without polishing, except for some slight (but effective) polishing angle bevels and a slight polishing of the very thin border. The crown that is unscrewed and the large timer give the impression that it is purposeful, but contributes to the design of the entire case. In general, this watch is not too dazzling.

One of the best things that IWC has done with this generation of pilots’ timepieces is the eventual removal of the often-recognized “open” date window, which together with the day of the week forms a strange little on the dial. T”. As this element disappears, the eternality of the overall appearance has been greatly enhanced. The dial has all matte finishes (this is a good idea) and a slightly recessed sub-dial. It just provides a hint of depth, not too much. Another “textbook” design practice that IWC has done well is to add a little red, in the form of a running second hand. A very small touch, but in my opinion it is doing very well.

Above the dial is a slightly apex-like sapphire crystal with a layer of ar coating on the bottom. IWC could have used a completely flat crystal to eliminate glare, but it would make the watch look too serious. Despite the glare of light (which is hard to avoid in photography), the way the watch interacts with light is both subtle and popular. These are very minor modifications that require a lot of design improvements, even if they look small and relatively insignificant. Although they are not, because all good watch designs tend to point to very small details and small choices.

Inside the watch is the IWC’s caliber 79320 calibre, which is the automatic timing chronograph of the Swiss Eta Valjoux 7750 (or similar Sellita SW500 clone). This is a common sport that does not explicitly advertise exclusivity, but it is reliable and effective. You have found a good reason for the 7750 in so many watches, and you should never shy away from it (especially at such prices). The sport provides time, 12 hours of timetables, dates and weeks. It runs at 4Hz (28800 bph) and has a 44-hour power reserve.

Although this is not a waterproof 60-meter dive watch, the IWC pilot’s chronograph does have a soft iron core, which is important because it means it can withstand the magnetic field, and the magnetic field really destroys the movement of the watch. IWC further stated that the application of sapphire crystal is to prevent the watch from popping up suddenly when the cabin pressure suddenly changes drastically. The last note on the dial, although the pointer used by IWC is luminous, but only 4 hours mark is illuminated, I prefer a full aperture dial.

The engraving of a simple three-engine prop aircraft was placed behind the chassis, as a loose reminder that IWC wanted to evoke what type of era the design of the watch timer with the pilot. There is no doubt that the dial is directly inspired by the cockpit instruments, but you will also find very similar designs on today’s aircraft. Therefore, although the true inspiration of the design is historical, I think that such an appearance is largely eternal and as historic as yesterday.

I think that being a serious instrument, masculine and unobtrusive, and never-ending, is the real charm of this design. You look like a doer wearing it, but you are not like a person who likes to yell. This is a good way.

Even if you like this watch, you still have some options, because in addition to the black and now metallic blue dial color, IWC will force you to make some tough strap decisions. The most classic (and best) look of the pilot’s watch chronograph is the black burdock St. Tony belt. Unfortunately, the “rivets” you see on the pilot watch disappear near the end of the strap, but you do have a small pointed tip that makes the watch more personal. IWC now also offers textile shoulder straps, which are their high-end NATO style shoulder strap versions. The last of course is a five-ring steel metal bracelet.

You need to spend an extra $1,000 to buy a bracelet, and I hope at least someone will do it. Although the bracelet strangely gives the watch a less sophisticated look (this is important for those who want to increase the variety of styles in the watch as much as possible), but it does make people feel more sporty. . The classic five-link wire drawing design works very well and is handsome. I want to say some small details in the bracelet, you should not miss it.

Note that at the edge of the bracelet, you don’t see the hole in the needle or screw. Cool? To adjust the bracelet, the link uses a special “almost no tool” method, you press the small putter inside the bracelet to release the link. This is a pretty good system, and people with obsessive-compulsive disorder like me will appreciate how it helps to clean the side of the bracelet. I also like to make a small amount of polishing on the folded elements of the unfolded buckle.

The most important thing in daily wear is the micro-regulation system. While this is nothing new, IWC uses a technology that puts a small micro-adjustment system in the foldable unfolding buckle. To operate it and extend or shorten the bracelet by a few millimeters, simply press the IWC logo. This makes wearing a bracelet more comfortable because your wrists sometimes want to be more comfortable and sometimes more relaxed.

I don’t think you need to spend too much money to get a good classic sports watch from a Swiss brand – this is one of the main reasons why watches are a good idea. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is increasingly sensitive to its own price, and the 2016 3777 pilot watch timer is a good example. Of course, they are still expensive watches, but the IW377709 strap for $4,950 and the IW377710 strap for $5,950, I think most interested buyers will find it hard to find a watch that looks like this watch.